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Audiobooks Are Better Than Sex

Or they better be. 😀 Seeing as they way that I have been feeling lately they only action I am getting at night is my headphones jammed in my ears.

While I have been writing, I have been trying to read a little less as it seems to ultimately distract me when I am doing the more mundane things like writing outlines and character mapping. So I went to my obscene Audible library instead.

First I downloaded their audiobook of the year, Will Grayson, Will Grayson….. It was lauded as so wonderful, groundbreaking, etc. I just didn’t see it.
Now the narrators should get an Emmy ( or whatever narrators get) because they were the best part of the book, but without them, to me, this would have just been another angsty teen coming of age where one of them is gay book. I hate to sound so … hateful? I mean, I am about as pro-gay rights as anyone else. I wave my rainbow flag too. However, just like the influx of vampire/werewolf/zombie novels is beginning to grate on some nerves, the angst-ridden/Coming Out/depressed teen genre is getting a little full. And to my eye, this book, if not for the narrators, wouldn’t have even stood out from the crowd.

Enough with the being mean.

So what I have been listening to after that is the Hunger Games again. I’m midway through Catching Fire right now, and lamenting the lack of a Peeta in my life. I mean, my husband is great, but is it too much to ask for someone to jump in front of a sword for me before threatening to commit suicide if he can’t be without me and then frosting Tiger Lilies for me on cookies while standing on his one remaining leg? I mean, seriously.

So the new outline is going okay. If only I could concentrate a little better. The whole am I or am I not taking more chemo thing is ruining my concentration, and then having a display attack me at office depot and twisting my ankle this week PLUS the kids coming home… *BRAIN EXPLODES*

Gonna end this post now, not work on my outline, and go watch Cars 2 with the boys. SO PRODUCTIVE.


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