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Office Depot Sucks

So this last week I was visciously attacked by a display at Office Depot.

The older son’s bike was stolen off our back porch and we made MISSING posters and went to the local OD to print some up since once again our printer is either “Not Responding” or tragically out of ink. After getting the usual non existant level of customer service I have come to love and appreciate at that particular store, I paid and stepped back from the register.

I had been resting my foot on the bar sort of under the register, about 4 inches off the ground as I waited. So when I removed my foot, suddenly the whole under register display jumped out at me, shelves, contents, and bottom metal shelf. It whacked me in the foot and leg, I jumped and screamed, and in the process, fell and twisted my ankle and knee.

Grrr. Hubby made me go to the hospital, and I had a sprain, nothing broken, but they wanted me to see an ortho doc, which I did today. The today dr said a Grade 3 sprain, with  tears in the ankle and possibly tears in the knee, but he needs to wait for the swelling to go down. I must have some kind of bad luck voodoo doll under my bed or something.

In other news, I got almost no writing done today, but I did spend the weeks grocery money on braces and casts and I got a bitchin’ set of new crutches. 😀


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