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Jewelry = Good

Sadly,  this story does not begin with me receiving surprise  jewelry from my sweetie.

HOWEVER, it is so much better… to me, anyway.

So I have been sitting on Tome in various forms for a couple of years now, and every time I brought it out to work on it for more than a couple of weeks at a time, my anxiety disorder would rear its ugly head.  Crying, depressed, panic attack, angry anxiety.  The kind that makes you stress eat until you feel ill and are beginning to resemble mid 90’s Roseanne Barr.

For some reason, there were two things that were hanging me up from going forward.

1) How my two main characters were introduced to the antagonist.  This totally bothered me.  I refused to push ahead and go back and fix later.  It just seemed so pivotal to me, that like everything ( including housecleaning) if I could not make it conform to my perfectionist standard, I shoved it onto a pile and pretended it wasn’t there.

This problem, however, was solved by yesterdays’ nap at Best Buy.

2)The exact shape and design of a pendant that one MC was burned by as a child.  I wanted detail.  I sought artists interested in being paid in beer, I asked my designer husband who put his own spin on it, and finally on my 5,000th doodle, I stumbled across something that finally spoke to me.


So those two pieces of information down, I scribbled out a new revised world map, and had a couple other small epiphanies.


All in all, not a bad day.  Just gotta keep the ball rolling.


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  1. Kelly

    The dsmiee of conservative radio is the fault of the conservative talkers themselves!! Since this has become an ego issue no one will stand up to defend a fellow talker for whatever reason , Dr. Laura is syndicated by TRN so that means Limbough Hannity Back etc cant talk about her …… Same was when Savage was banned from the UK. I know Savage is and was badmouthing them before, but to ignore the assault on free speech by a free nation was wrong!!!

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