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And it goes On and On and On..

SO the oldest child has been singing this stupid song for about a week.. something about “Like its DYNOMITE!” and then I was in the unfortunate position to be stuck with my bum leg on the couch when the remote was too far away to reach while the Disney channel was on.  It seems that the latest incarnation of miniature overly sexed loud mouthed tween that the big D is pimping out sings this song for a commercial.  However, as horribly grating on the ears as that song is it got me thinking.

My current WIP is middle grade, and something I often struggle with while writing it is making sure that the actions and solutions of my MC’s are something that an actual tween would not only do themselves, but want to read about.  Not necessarily the “what would you do if you were confronted by an evil king bent on hoarding the power of creation to himself” action/solution, but .. well, you know what I mean.

I am still ruminating on this, and it keeps going round in my head.  Or On, and ON, and OONNNNN ( like the horrible song says, make it stop please??)

I think I need to go observe some middle graders in their native element.  TO THE MALL!!!


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