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Awesome Books!

So I have been trying to slog through the rough draft of TOME, despite my children’s best efforts to slow me down, and my husbands migraines best efforts.

However, I have taken the time this week to stop, smell the half dead roses, and to read a couple of books that have been calling my name.


First off is Supernaturally by Kiersten White.

I really loved this book, it flowed right from the same vein as the first.  The characters were cohesive, the story was believable and went fast.  There were a few questions she posed that she never answered, but I can hope that will come in the next book.  Evie is such a cute doll of a character, fallible as we all are, but still quirky.  From following her author’s blog and twitter I can only assume that she is quite a bit like Kiersten if Kiersten were hunted by the Fae and a soul sucking teenage shut in.  All in all, a good, if light, read. 😀


Second is Shades of Gray by Jasper Fforde.

Somehow I have had this one sitting for a while, knowing that I needed the time to properly savor the book like a rare aged steak.  As always, Ffordes twisting and educated wordsmithery doesn’t disappoint.  At times I felt as if he worked so hard at making the sentences sufficiently twisty that they lost some of his meaning, but I fully admit that may have been a deficit in the readers brain, and not the authors. 😀  Its a cool story, and I won’t spoil it for you, but the premise is something original, as all of Ffordes works are.  Don’t start it if you don’t have time or a quiet place to fully let what he is trying to say sink in.  It’s not a read it on the metro book.


All right, enough procrastinating, back to MY OWN book. 😀


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