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Kids Taste Like Chicken or Short Story Frustration

First thanks to all the twitterpates, blog sweeties, and absolute writers who have sent me well wishes the last week.  It really does make my day when you remind me that people care.  It’s hard going through this without family to help, and your kindness means the world.

*wipes tear*

Okay, so enough of the mushy stuff.

The last few days, other than painful in an ouch-my-side-has-a-huge-hole-in-it sort of way have also been painful in a writery way.

I finished up my extended outline/rough draft/bunch of scenes thing last week and was totally enthused to get started on a polished first draft this week.  Like a kid at Christmas excited.

And then my three small children, like a host of locusts, came in a ate all of my enthusiasm away.

They can’t help it.  My husband leaves for work, they wake up, Mommy is exhausted from recovering from chemo or whatever and I sleep in a bit.  They make cereal and watch cartoons until I get up and about.  They seem to stay pretty docile as I wander around getting coherent, but it seems like the second I go upstairs and sit down to write, they turn into whirling dervish hats and crawl on top of my head.

One wants to play computer games on the other desk here, one wants to ridicule the first, and the third is dropping foodstuff and terrorizing the dog while asking if they can look at petpetpark or something.  So I get up and get pay attention to them even though all I want is to sit and write and not wheeze when I walk.  Everything returns to calm.  Then I sit back down and suddenly I am in the middle of a lightsabre fight and someone wants to be helf and someone broke a picture with a ball and suddenly … I find myself writing a short story where a race of aliens traps and eats a families children.

I know, I’m horrible.  In my defense, it made me feel better, and it came out pretty good, too.

I don’t usually write short stories, but I just needed to vent and write, and this worked.  I’m going to submit it to an anthology contest and see what happens, I’m just waiting to find a beta reader.  Whatever works, right?

And btw, if you DO know if kids taste like chicken, I don’t want to know. 😀


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5 responses to “Kids Taste Like Chicken or Short Story Frustration

  1. Alexa O

    My daughter always always ALWAYS needs me the second I sit down to write. I can do laundry for 3 hours without interruption, but write? Not 20 seconds. I think she has some kind of Vulcan mind meld that tells her when I’m not focused on her.

    BTW I saw your post on Kiersten Writes–I’ve just started my first novel, but I’m also a freelance editor, so I’m pretty experienced reading manuscripts. Normally I don’t critique them exactly because I have clients, not crit partners, but if you are interested, let me know! I’ll leave my email in the box below, and you can find my blog at (it has a link to my email as well).

  2. Vulcan mind meld, lol. That made me giggle, which brought the Eye of Sauron upon me ( or in Mommy speak, the 3 year old).

    I will check you out later when I get to go to the dr and I will actually have 5 minutes alone. Weird that I look forward to getting shots because I get to be alone when I get them. 😡

  3. Your blog is hilarious, and I wish you all the best with your health. Writing short stories is a great way to vent and get out of a writing slump. LOL. I love the Eye of Sauron being your 3yr. old. I call the auditors at work the same thing!

  4. Aww thanks.
    I love them, truly, but someone has to love circus freaks too.


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