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Know what’s funny?

When kid’s prank call your house and ask if your refrigerator is running.

And you say no.  😦


So along with the cancer, the torn up ankle and knee, the mounting medical bills, the irate children, and mutinous husband I now have about $1000 in spoiled food and a busted fridge.  Sears can’t come out to service it until next Tuesday ( which is like FOREVER in broken fridge days).  I should probably write a story where cannibal repairmen come and rip the one that is making me wait limb from limb and then eat him.  Yep.  Sounds good.

I am trying so hard to stay on schedule with my writing.  I got distracted by my short story this week, I ended up polishing it and submitting it for an anthology.  We’ll see. 😀

I decided that my first chapter needed an addition to it to make something else later on make more sense.  My first chapter is now 12 pages single spaced.  Gah.  Methinks I overshot.

I have this really detailed not in actual writing plan on how I am going to have this thing finished by the end of September and polished by the end of October so that I can go to the Backspace Author Seminar and be able to hob knob with agents and get a book deal and be ridiculously famous and buy hundreds of working refrigerators and comfy socks and live happily ever after… *breathe, Laura, breathe* I just have to keep on this path.  The hardest thing is just to keep going sometimes when every problem in life seems so big.  To remember there is Someone looking out for you.  I need to do that more often.

I also joined a site called Ladies Who Critique, so that I could find a crit or writing partner.  Despite everyone that has joined, I don’t think there is actually a matching program to do that.  I kind of expected something like eharmony  for writers, where they match you with a compatible person to help you along.  I am reserving judgement since it is in beta, but I will say that the group of women who have also joined in its first days are lovely and funny and pretty dang awesome.   I hope to be lucky enough to be asked to partner with one of them if we ever figure out how that happens.

And the dog just tooted under my chair.  Great.  Good thing I was done here anyway.


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8 responses to “Know what’s funny?

  1. Delia

    Not until Tuesday? Are they kidding? That’s insane. Sending positive thoughts your way that everything works out. Because, seriously, Oy. I’ll also keep my toes crossed for your short story submission.

    Keep us posted on the Ladies Who Critique thing, will ya? I’ve been thinking about joining up since I heard of it the other day (good critique partners are hard to find) and I’d be interested to hear what you think.

    In the meantime, good luck. You sound like you need it.

  2. I just joined the site (and I’ve added you to my blog roll), but I’m reserving judgment on it, too. I’m still trying to figure out how to navigated it all.

  3. @ Delia. Nope, and the fridge came with the house and is like 16 years old so I actually am not holding out alot of hope for it. Repairing will be less that replacing though, so I will wait. And wait. And eat slightly tainted thawed/refrozen/thawed Porterhouse steaks.

    @ Shakespeare It’s a good group of women they have attracted, that’s for sure, but I’m not sure they were prepared for that much traffic. I will say that the owner has been really sweet and receptive to my suggestions, however, until I see anything actually change … I really hope that they announce some way that they are pairing us up and not that we have to search each members profile ourselves. I mean the search engine on the site doesn’t even let you search by the answers to the questions that you answered!
    Short answer, I like the premise, and the people. Long answer, I’m reserving judgement [sic].

  4. Hi Laura! I found your blog via Ladies Who Critique, and I’m just feeling my way around the site too. I do hope they come up with a proper way of pairing up writers, but in the meantime, my plan is to get to know the people in my groups-YA and Fantasy-and pick one of them.

    You’ve got a great blog here, but it sounds like you’ve had a terrible week. I’ve personally never had a broken fridge, but my boyfriend’s had three and it’s been very difficult for him. I’d probably be bashing my head off a wall. Good luck with your survival until Tuesday, and I hope they actually can fix it.

  5. Aww, thanks for the sweet comments about my blog. I read yours too, and I agree that studying diff kinds of fiction broadens a writer’s horizons. You have a WAY more intellectual vibe going on than I do. 😀
    I hope LWC does end up announcing a pairing system too, I’m willing to hold out for a while and see what happens. 😀 See you there!

  6. Did you try kicking the fridge? If that doesn’t work, try kicking the repairman =]

  7. Hi, Laura!

    Stumbled upon your blog through LWC, and I’m having thoughts similar to those already mentioned. Though I must say the forums are quite useful, and I think we’ll be more likely to find a compatible partner by interacting there than through the search function. It’s more than I’ve found anywhere else. Everyone seems so willing to jump in and offer suggestions — looks promising so far.

    And I bet they’ll get the kinks worked out with the search system. Perhaps a “Suggestions” forum is in order.

    Sorry to hear about the fridge. Doesn’t life always seem to throw you a rock (instead of a life preserver) when you’re already drowning?

  8. Hey Jessica!
    I’m feeling the same way. I am glad to know that every woman who signed up did so because the wanted a crit partner, however I find as far as forums go that I get much more out of Absolute Write and Backspace as far as writer forums go. Backspace has a large smattering of agent and editor too as members who will answer your questions, which I find really helpful.
    Thanks for following me to my blog!

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