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Hairy Mustache Women

Mr Laura and I took the kids (and friend) to the fair last night, and I have to say that the women there truly inspired me…..

To wax my mustache.


Seriously, I have never seen that much feminine upper lip hair in one congregation since…well…ever.   This wasn’t even part of the side show, either!

However, wandering around and eating fried oreos (yum!) whilst looking at the veritable smorgasboard of humanity drawn to the flashing lights and promise of a thrill for only 3 tickets; I began to see the people there, however hairy as more than just people.  I saw them as characters.  Characters that gave depth and quirk to an already colorful story.

Writing is that way sometimes too.  We start out with a single character or place, and then a story, and then a subplot, etc.  However, sometimes the best stories are the ones that include not only the good looking prince and the ever-suffering princess, but the ones that also tell the stories of the freaks and geeks who also dwell in the kingdom.

So let’s face it, we need the bearded lady too.  And Pinhead Larry, and the Elephant Man.  Those are the people who create a background for your more traditional characters to play against, or along with.

I forget that sometimes, that not only do my main characters need as much attention as I can give them, but their hairy mustachioed lady friends’ need attention too.

And possibly some depilatory cream.




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4 responses to “Hairy Mustache Women

  1. Yep. Gotta appreciate all kinds – especially when you’re a writer.

  2. Delia

    Speaking as the hairy, mustachioed, bearded lady (I have PCOS), it’s true. We do need attention too. 🙂

    (And for electrolysis prices to drop.)

  3. So fantastic!

    Ah, mustache hairs. Almost as lovely as chin hairs. The blessings of getting older never end, do they?

  4. @Delia I totally got ya on the PCOS. I look longingly at the laser hair removal groupons, but have never purchased one. 😀

    @Shakespeare Not by the hair of MY chinny-chin-chin!

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