I kind of have a love/hate relationship with twitter.

My husband works for a company that only does twitter stuff, so it pays our bills.  =LOVE

Tons of agents/editors/writers use it obsessively and they actually tweet you back.  =LOVE

I can only speak in 144 characters.  =HATE

There are ten million tweets I miss every time I stop watching like a hawk.  =HATE

I could go on, but I won’t.  Aren’t you glad?  I know the topic has been done to death, and lots of people have valid reasons for hating facebook but it just seems like such a useful platform to reach out, share content, and actually *say* stuff rather than toss out little quips like candy at a parade.

This doesn’t mean I don’t get uber excited when an author I admire or an agent I covet replies to me but for some weird reason I am irritated the whole time I am using the platform.  Anyone else feel that way?


As far as the work goes, I am still plodding along.  I have taken the last like 4 or 5 days off because of tooth pain.  I finally had all the root canals done yesterday thanks to the grace of a friend with an empty amex card and I am having the caps put on tomorrow morning.  Hopefully once that is done I can concentrate again.  I was making good progress.



It’s Been A While

I’ve been sick, my son was diagnosed with a rare neuro condition, my husband was almost, we moved across the country for a job, and my husband got laid off…    all in 3 months.


I am understandably a little off my game.  Or a lot.  Whichever you prefer.


I’m currently debating different methods of getting myself motivated for writing again.  So stay tuned.  I just have to get out of this damn hospital.




Everything is Better With Christmas Decorations..

Except my writing. lol

I don’t even think some tinsel could save me now.


So, I am behind.  Soooo far behind.  I haven’t written much more than about 15 new ideas in the last month.  To be fair, I have had two surgeries, DVT, and an average blood pressure of 65/40 during that time, but I digress.  I just haven’t had the wherewithall ( love that word) to write much.

However, I have realized something about life.

Take my family for instance, we go about life, living in our home, going about our day, not really discerning one week from the next.  No one remembers what they wore last week, or cares what color the curtains are.  However, when we dress it up a little, bring in a tree, sparkly lights, and a few presents, every day in our normally boring house is suddenly memorable.

Watching a 3 year old lay in the floor and stare at lights is amazing, fixing hair for a 5th grade Christmas concert is exciting, watching the pile of circulars your 8 year old is hording and making notes on is hilarious.  We make time for each other, and more importantly, we make memories with each other.


So…. maybe my manuscript is being neglected, but it’s not going anywhere. My family is constantly growing up, and I think  that I can live with myself if I don’t get 1000 words a day because I was sitting and shaking packages with the kids or taking a nap under the glow of Christmas lights.


Be good to yourself, and may all your writerly wishes come true.

Merry Christmas,


Back in the Saddle Again — with Halloween Candy !

So I am off to a slightly slower start on the whole getting back in the saddle thing than I intended, but all is good.

I actually just got the “the only person stopping you is you” speech from my husband about an hour ago (ouch, right?) so I am blogging and then reviewing so I can get back down to business tomorrow.

Last week I got all excited about writing, before I realized that both older kids were invited to Halloween parties several nights of the week, along with a family night at school, the halloween party/parade at school, and then the block party Sunday and then school off Monday BEFORE actual Halloween.  Sheesh!

It was like the whole world was lining up against me ( in costume, I might add) and standing in between my and my computer.

So after a day of self-pity, rest, and halloween candy I am ready to jump in with both feet ( or at least the left one, which is my good foot anyway).


I did take the time to read some at night.  I finished The Death Cure by James Dashner.  It was the last book in the Maze Runner trilogy.  I really loved the first book in the series, and the second was interesting too.  However, by the end of this third book I was kind of tired of the character soup and the same ( I won’t spoil it for you) old problem OVER and OVER again.  I also had a real problem with how the MC dismissed his original love interest, and it left me with such a bad taste in my mouth, I think it ruined the whole book for me.

Now, if you are like me, and you love series books, by all means, don’t let me keep you from reading it.  To me, even a mediocre ending to a series is better than authors who write the first couple novels and then peter out and don’t sell or never finish the thought.  The Death Cure had some good action, and you got to find out what happens in the end, which is really why we all read stories, isn’t it?


Ok, enough procrastinating!  Off to write!

Yo, DJ, pump this par-tay!

About Freaking Time

I’m even getting tired of me using my cancer/ankle as excuses for not keeping up with my blog and writing, I can’t imagine how much you must want to vomit when reading this blog….

HEY!  It could be a new diet trend! ‘ Read Laura’s blog, lose 4lbs a week!  Frequent visitors keep the weight off!  Comments burn an extra 100 calories!’

Act now while Laura’s misery supply lasts!!

In all seriousness it is about freaking time that I got back to the business of being me.  Writing, mothering, not whining all the time; but it’s so hard (ok, whining a *little* is ok).  I got back home from a week long visit to the back end of Texas visiting my grandma who is about to get to see the other side of the curtain.  She’s such an inspiration, everything that she has marched through and held her head high, I can do no less.  So today, instead of sleeping in, I went to the store, stocked up, put Christmas on layaway so I wouldn’t have an excuse to stop writing to go shopping, and worked out for the first time in… umm, no comment.

I’m getting back in the saddle again after a little more than 2 months of almost complete inactivity.  It’s going to hurt… a lot.

Thankfully, my mother in Texas kept the mess maker ( Child Number 3) until she comes up to visit, which should be in 3 weeks to a month, so for the first time since his birth I am going to be able to focus on something for longer than the span between commercial breaks.  *SQUEE!*

It makes me want to nap, forever, and then read a little, eat a cookie, and nap some more.  Except I promised myself I wouldn’t do that.


Wow, that is sooooo much harder than it seems.  I was built for napping.  Napping is in my blood. Well, actually high concentrations of creatinine are in my blood, and that’s why I need the dialysis, but that’s neither here nor there.  Cookie, anyone?

Ok… so, to sum it up.

1)  Read my Blog.  It helps you lose weight!

2)  I’m not going to nap, I’m going to write, dammit!

3)  Man, I’m sleepy…. *yawn*



The Truth in Titles

At least my title anyway.

I don’t know how many people actually look at the titles that others place under their names on forums, or on their profie pages. Anal-retentive such and such that I am I spent long hours internet eons ago thinking of the perfect tiny title that would describe the soul sucking microcosm that is me. (Hey, I should have gone with Soul Sucking Microcosm!)

I ended up with Author, Mother, Gimp.
This was before all of the attack-display fiasco which has landed me in surgery and stuck on the downstairs couch for almost a month now. I am losing my collective minds.

I finally made it upstairs today for the first time in, well, forever it seems.

I haven’t written a word, editied a chapter, posted a blog, or had a decent bath since my surgery in August. I am so tired of this, but being sick and injured takes a lot out of you!

My immune system is still defunct from the chemo, and the surgery was hard. Add to that I caught an infection in the wound, and you have all the makings of a PAR-TAY! *not*

I’m hoping to get back into the groove this coming week since I can now hobble a bit and scoot up and down the stairs on my butt. Maybe even, dare I say it, WRITE!

*Angles sing HALLELUJAH!*

If not, I am going to have to change my title to just Gimp.

Hairy Mustache Women

Mr Laura and I took the kids (and friend) to the fair last night, and I have to say that the women there truly inspired me…..

To wax my mustache.


Seriously, I have never seen that much feminine upper lip hair in one congregation since…well…ever.   This wasn’t even part of the side show, either!

However, wandering around and eating fried oreos (yum!) whilst looking at the veritable smorgasboard of humanity drawn to the flashing lights and promise of a thrill for only 3 tickets; I began to see the people there, however hairy as more than just people.  I saw them as characters.  Characters that gave depth and quirk to an already colorful story.

Writing is that way sometimes too.  We start out with a single character or place, and then a story, and then a subplot, etc.  However, sometimes the best stories are the ones that include not only the good looking prince and the ever-suffering princess, but the ones that also tell the stories of the freaks and geeks who also dwell in the kingdom.

So let’s face it, we need the bearded lady too.  And Pinhead Larry, and the Elephant Man.  Those are the people who create a background for your more traditional characters to play against, or along with.

I forget that sometimes, that not only do my main characters need as much attention as I can give them, but their hairy mustachioed lady friends’ need attention too.

And possibly some depilatory cream.