It’s #amwriting’s birthday !!

I am new to the whole blog/twitter/social media thing.  I am a nerd from way back with social anxiety issues that probably extend even to the virtual social realm… I can’t know for sure because I write these things and then promptly go hide for a couple hours and breathe deeply.

However, I have found that the #amwriting hashtag on twitter to be a wonderful resource and a really awesome community.  I love getting excited over the milestones that perfect strangers are making on their own work, and it jazzes me up to work harder at my own.   Another twitterpate (name that reference and I’ll eat a cookie in your honor) announced today that #amwriting’s 2nd birthday was coming up and it simultaneously made me feel old for no particular reason, and made me excited all over again to participate in the varied and highly talented community of  scribblers that I have come to love and hashtag with.

Happy Birthday #amwriting!  If I could find matches I would light a candle for you.  (and probably set something on fire)