I Got the Word Count Blues…

*plays sad song on trumpet*

I don’t know about everyone else, but it seems like the last week has been an uphill struggle to stay on track.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time reading other blogs, looking at inspirational cat posters, and reading helpful tips from other writers this week in an effort to get myself back into the 1-2k a day range.  Is there something in the air?

Healthwise, I’m doing good, except for a low grade fever that won’t bugger off.  Leg wise, also ok and looking forward to the surgery next week.  Mentally, I am shot.  This has all been such an emotional roller coaster that I really, really want to get off of and just write.

My favorite blog post find of the week was this gem:

I’m a sucker for dressed up cats.

Send me comments on what you do to get through the times where the words only flow in increments of 100 rather than 1000.

Please?  Pretty please with sugar on top?


Falling Asleep in Best Buy is Good for the Soul.

So it’s been a rough week.  Not quite a 10 on the Richter Scale, but I am reserving tens for when my mother comes to visit so they pack more of a punch.

However, despite the exhaustion, and the overwhelming bickering of children that are finally home, and the attack displays at big box stores, it seems that the week is going to end on a positive note.  ( and yes, I know that Sunday is technically the beginning of the week, but I am going to bend time-space to my purposes… bwa hahahah)

I really wanted for us all to go to church today for a plethora of reasons, the first of which being begging God not to confuse me with Job.  The second of which, our new church’s pastor’s daughter ( say that ten times fast) is in the same grade as my daughter and she really wants to be her friend and I think that would be good for her.


So I got up with 30 minutes to get up, get EVERYONE dressed, and drive to church.  No small feat, especially when wearing a hinged knee brace and a lace up ankle brace while climbing 4 flights of stairs up and down to dress 3 kids and your own bald head.   I decided to let the hubby sleep, since he takes longer to primp and polish than the rest of us. I made it out with no time to spare, got to church and realized I had already spent my energy quota for the day.

I valiantly fought the sleepies, prayed for forgiveness, and called the hubby on the way home to get dressed so we could take the kids to Burger King to run off their energy for lunch.  After which I was in a hamburger induced stupor, but the hubby wanted to window shop Best Buy.  Normally on such a run, I would try to throw myself on the kid grenade and let him look around, but I could barely keep my feet, and he had suggested at one point I go sit. So I did.

I somehow ended up in the 3D TV viewing section with the worn chairs, snoring, drooling, with my phone ringing in my hand unheeded.   Evidently the hubby had been worried about me, and couldn’t find me and was overwhelmed with all 3 kids running amok and wanted to leave cause he hadn’t gotten to even look at one thing he wanted to anyway.  ( hmm, sounds familiar)  So we left, me wobbling from side to side, but trying to retain a dream in which my characters had taken a different path through the woods and ended up somewhere I had not anticipated.  And I liked it.

I got home, scribbled a note, and allowed myself to be tucked into bed with the baby and slept all day.  I awoke, ate, watched TV for about a half hour to let my thoughts coalesce, and made it up here and WROTE MY WAY THROUGH THE BIT THAT HAS BEEN EATING MY LUNCH FOR ALMOST 4 MONTHS!!!!  AND IT MAKES SENSE NOW!!!  BONUS!

So, from now on, when I have block, I am going to go nap in Best Buy.